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Reservation and Cancelation Policy
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Please before confirming your reservation read carefully these booking and cancelation conditions.

The services in hi altitudes over the sea level has health risks in case you present altitude sickness (called Puna), because of these passengers with some particular physical conditions or health conditions should not do these services, these are:

-Pregnant women in any period of  pregnancy

-Senior over 65 years

-Cardiac patients, pulmonary patients, Hypertensive without control, with a history of Stroke, Vascular accident, Lung or Brain Edema, or any serious sickness that involves circulatory and respiratory systems.

-The company reserves the right not to bring passengers in these conditions or kids less than 6 years to the Uyuni trip or 12 years to the excursionsin Chile over 4.500 meters (12.000 feet) over the sea level.

-The drivers and guides of the company are not doctors, considering any situation they cannot medicate passengers.

Because of these is always recommended to do the altitude trips beginning with the lower one.

In case of doing Bolivia trip the passenger has the duty to know if has altitude sickness, these having been or going to an altitude over 4.500 meters (12.000 feet) over the sea level before doing the trip, in case a passenger do have altitude sickness is necessary to visit an specialist doctor to ask his opinion before doing the trip to Bolivia.

-The company is not responsible for passengers that has the conditions mentioned before and decide to do the trips in altitude anyway.

-The services hired are valid for the date, time and place that will be in the Voucher that we will send once you confirm your reservation, in case that the passengers is not at the place or doesn’t arrive to the place cited at the indicated time, not depending the reason of these, losses the total amount of the trip, cancelations or changes will be only accepted at the office with the following reference whichever is applicable:

-4 hours before the trip begins in case of afternoon trips

-4 hours before the office close (21:00 hours) in case of morning trips (before 12:00 hours midday, noon)

-Before 14:00 hours of the day before the trip in case of being a Bolivia trip

In case of cancelations or modifications are with more than 48 hours these ones can be by E-mail, if is less than 48 hours needs to be at our office.

In case of cancelations the refund will be 85% of the total amount of the trip, in case of changes is only possible until a second change of date on a trip.

In case of being a service with hotels first will be discounted the fine of the hotels in case it correspond, the will be the refund of the 85% of the total amount of the service.

The company will not bring on trip passengers under the influence of alcohol on any other substance that affect behavior and/or compromise any passenger drivers or guides safety, these without refund of the amount paid.

Is prompted not to bring items of value as delicate articles to the tour,be carefully with your belongings, the company will not be responsible for lost or damage occurred for negligence from the passenger.

The company reserves the right to modify times, routes or cancel services because of whether problems, politic problems or any external condition that impede the normal realization of the trip, in case the company cancel the refund will be 100% of the amount paid.

The prices described does not includes entrance fees for the national parks, some of these ones has kids, seniors or students discounts, passenger needs to show a credential at the national park attesting the condition for the discount, the amounts of the entrance fees are relative (they might increase depending on national park).

We only confirm reserves with payment of the 25% of the service; the difference needs to be paid maximum 14:00 hrs. the day before the trip.

The price of the trips does not includes the entrance fees for the national parks for $20.000 Chilean pesos or USD 40 per passenger (we recommend to bring $30.000 Chilean pesos or USD 50 per passenger in Bolivian Money, these includes the fees and any extra you could need on the way as  public toilets, you can change money in San Pedro without problem), we also recommend to bring water to drink (liquids are included on the meals), snacks (cookies, fruits), toilet paper, warm clothes, light clothes, bathing suit and towel.

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